L.E.D. Flashlight Kit

Coding, Wiring & Building

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This awesome L.E.D. Flashlight kit, also known as Not a Lightbulb, is a fully functional circuit in which you build all by yourself. Attend one of our L.E.D. Flashlight workshops to act out the entire circuit and find out just how everything is really working.

Gain the ability to...

  • Read a schematic
  • Understand basic circuit design
  • Describe the difference between conventional current and electron flow
  • Prove how L.E.D.'s are nothing like lightbulbs
  • Harness the power of series battery connections
  • Comprehend ohms law
  • Master your building skills
  • Build entire circuit and flashlight
  • Discover the difference between series and parallel circuits and battery configuration

Included electronics...

  • 1 - 100Ohm resistor
  • 1 - Intermittent push button switch
  • 1 - 10"-12" Conductive tape
  • 2 - Clear L.E.D.s
  • 2 - 3V. Lithium batteries