Distance Gun "Pew Pew Tape Measure"

Coding, Wiring & Building

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This awesome distance gun kit, also known as Pew Pew Tape Measure, is a gun that shoots sonar, or sound waves, to calculate the distance to an object. Program it to calculate and display the distance on its own screen. Change up the code to calculate the speed of an object and convert it to a speed gun.

 Gain the ability to...

  • Read, write and edit real C++ code
  • Harness the power of code libraries
  • Translate ultrasonic sensor data
  • Configure HIGH and LOW outputs
  • Communicate with serial data
  • Master your building skills
  • Comprehend schematics
  • Implement intermittent switches
  • Discover how to write complex algorithms to convert data

Included electronics...

  • 1 - Microcontroller Arduino compatible board
  • 1 - Ultrasonic sensor (sonar)
  • 1 - Breadboard
  • 1 - Serial display monitor
  • 1 - Push button module
  • 1 - 9V. Batt. pack