Butterfly "Flippy Flappy"

Coding, Wiring & Building

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This awesome Butterfly kit, also known as Flippy Flappy, is a butterfly that can sense when you're near and flap its wings at you. Program it to say hello by flapping its wings as you walk by. Change up the code make it perform differently if you are in or out of the room.

Gain the ability to...

  • Read, write and edit real C++ code
  • Implement code libraries
  • Translate analog input to digital out
  • Harness the power of dual servo control
  • Communicate with serial data
  • Locate/ travel to specific positions using servos
  • Comprehend schematics
  • Master your building skills
  • Paint a unique pattern on wings

Included electronics...

  • 1 - Microcontroller Arduino compatible board
  • 1 - Ultrasonic sensor (sonar)
  • 1 - Breadboard
  • 1 - 4AA Batt. pack
  • 1 - 9V. Batt pack
  • 2 - Large metal gear servos